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Our Barbers Can Do Cool Things With Hair

Ask about our haircut design services when you visit our barber shop in the Marion & Cedar Rapids, IA area

Just like artists can turn a blank canvas into something beautiful, our barbers can create detailed haircut designs with a straight razor and some ingenuity. Come to Elevated Cuts in Marion, IA to take advantage of our haircut design services.

It's easy to make an appointment - simply visit the Book Now page. Not all of our barbers do detailed haircut designs for adults and children, so look for the "haircut with design" option in the dropdown menu.

Don't hesitate to call 319-200-5450 if you have any questions.

Kids love getting designs in their hair

Setting up a haircut design appointment for your child will put a smile on their face. We can create an intricate design that will...

  • Impress the kids at school
  • Give your son a confidence boost
  • Take your youngster's haircut to the next level
Bring your child to Elevated Cuts in Marion, IA for a haircut he'll never forget.